twitter rss-feed into wordpress

I tried to put my twitter-rss-feed into my wordpress-blog, but with the code i got from the doesn´t work very well.

After some research i put the following code together:

<?php require_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‚/rss-functions.php‘); ?>
<?php $rss = fetch_rss(‚ENTER_FEED_ADRESS‘);
$maxitems=5; // max. number of items to fetch
<?php if (empty($rss->items)) echo „<li>No items</li>“;
foreach ( $rss->items as $item ) :
if ($counter>$maxitems) break;
else ?>
<?php echo $item[‚title‘]; ?> // i set no href-tag, because i think it´s useless

If you get a „https://….“-feed-adress from twitter, change it to normal „http://….“.

I´m still watching the results, but one thing i saw already is that the function is very slow fetching new rss feeds .. .